Her Voice Soared

Her voice became her own prisoner of war, hidden and ignored. 

Blooming like a flower by the hour, intimidation began to win its power. 

The persistence of painful words had her heart build thorns as tall as towers, and her once vibrant self…now devoured and cowered. 

The comparing and trumpeting of other’s beauty and success over her own, led to her reflection becoming more unrecognizable and unknown. 

Seeing the good in others and having empathy was a weakness to the world which showed like flower petals with drops of rain…and now with even more tears pouring out in this storm, she prayed this pain was not in vain. 

Though the opinions of others and the lies of the enemy weighed her down to feel weak, she somehow made a brittle noise and delicately started to speak.

She spoke of her pain at first but then it bloomed into genuine love, hope, truth and compassion and it was then she remembered God never intended her to conform into this world’s patterns and fashion. 

She was keeping the wrong score. It wasn’t about approval, recognition, or fitting in anymore, it was about faith and being obedient to God’s word. Just like planting a seed and the trust that follows, knowing for sure a flower will grow. 

Rising from the darkness and frail no more, she discovered it wasn’t about what she looked like on the outside, but more so of who she was in her very core. 

Hand-selected, expressive, cheerful, treasured, uplifting and a bright light just to name a few, this was who God created her to be and that she was beautiful too. 

With a breeze of forgiveness, Jesus was giving her a breath of fresh air and she suddenly felt empowered and bold enough to share.

Blooming like a flower by the hour, intimidation began to lose its power. 

Hidden no more, her voice was rescued from this spiritual war.

Then God whispered…

My beautiful girl, share the light and love I’ve given you and like the wings of angels let your voice be heavenly and never have any doubt to soar.   

-Kristan Ann 

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  1. Most loveliest thing I have ever seen from any cheerleader so cheers for writing it kristan u have a lovely voice just wish I got to meet u as a cheerleader

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Always loved u so are u still a cheerleader for the dolphins really admire u very much and u always say lovely things

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I will pray that God give you strength and encouragement, as you keep your purity and contunue your devotion to God. and to our Lord Jesus Christ. 😁


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