Imperfect and Brilliant

These are just a few books that have inspired me- (trust me, there’s a lot more) and let’s be honest, reading helps to quiet the overload of voices that can creep up. Although reading settles the noise for a little while, these voices of “hurry up,” “you’ll never be enough,” “get it together,” and “they’re better than you” come rushing in. Following right after, is a feeling of pressure to rush the process.

Oh, and of course doubt and anxiety-who could forget those guys? 


These voices seem real. You first hear these lies, then feel them, so then you believe them, and then…

THEN the most horrifying step… 

you become them. 


CONFESSION: I do NOT have it all together-never will, and it bothered me because of this…

WORLD’S TRUTH: Once I reach perfection then I’ll have it together, get the perfect guy, land the perfect career… you get my drift!


STOP! Accept and love yourself for who you are in this moment. No one has it all together and it’s actually a beautiful thing. It means there is room to heal, to grow, to learn, to discover, to love even more. It means in our confessions, in our vulnerability, in our weakness, and in our humility God can use us. IN FACT this is when God CERTAINLY uses us. 


<GOD’S TRUTH: Having it all together is not a spiritual goal God has for us. 


We can look different, be a different age, have doubts and still live a life that is fulfilling and of purpose. This is because God’s timing is perfect! He made us all different, so we can count on all of our paths being different as well. COMPASSION over competition!


Imperfection is it’s own form of brilliance. Let’s be BRILLIANT on this journey called life. 

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