The Walk Away

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I walked away with many questions, being pulled in many directions. This worldly obsession had me asking “Why this rejection, depression and lack of satisfaction?” 

In the darkest hour of deception, face to face with a false reflection and perception, I had to make a choice–What was more important…impressing others with my profession or my voice and honest confession? 

So, I walked away, less impressive and not even close to perfection, but for once that was okay, because I was walking in obedience and towards God’s direction. 

Even though I still had many questions, my faith was no longer silenced by Satan’s envious suggestions. I was a freed prisoner from the enemy’s mission to destroy me with his sickening infection as well as his joy stealing condemnation. 

I began praying for restoration and having a conversation with the one who showed me grace even when I was weighed down by seeking worldly recognition and validation. 

The chasing and striving to gain this world’s attention led to a weariness and helpless condition. On my knees and all out of fight a whisper got my attention, “There is no anxiety filled audition or even the slightest form of a competition in gaining my love and affection.” 

Once trapped behind words of manipulation and intimidation, there was now a conviction- a realization, a hopeful sight of transformation, and the truth that Jesus Christ died and rose again for my salvation. 



  1. Hi Kristan. Just want to say I enjoyed reading your blog. Its very inspiring and encouraging especially today since it is my birthday. You’re an inspiration to me as a great friend as well as to others. Keep spreading faith, encouragement, and God’s love to all. The world needs people like U to share God’s love. Hope all is well, take care.


  2. I understand your reasons and support you 💯 as for I apologize not knowing beforehand.

    As we say at my job, “Steady the course..”, but I will add, “leave it in His hands” as PSALM 46:5 said it all.



    1. You are so amazing! I did my best to hold it in then. Thank you for sending me truth and lifting me up in prayer to God! I am so grateful!!!! I miss you a ton! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️


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