Today, I overcame.

Today, I almost leaned over and whispered an old habit of mine…. “hey, sorry to ask this, but am I allowed to be myself here?”

…You see, there was a time when I let the voices and opinions of others really heavily, and completely get to me. I put who I was in a box. I dimmed my light to blend in, avoided my discernment, questioned my own intuition, calmed my overflowing joy and faith, lessened my personality by talking less and hid my smile.

This…. this suffocated me. I was suffocating.

I made small of who I was so I wouldn’t stand out too much. I turned my back on the girl God created so uniquely. I held back who I truly was to try and keep peace, to try and make others happy, to try not to give people anything to talk about. I became quiet.

I couldn’t even recognize the girl in the mirror. My reflection was blurred.

Through the blur, there was still something I could see….
A face-off.
An identity crisis.
A war of confusion.
An internal battle full of friction and resistance.
“Hey, sorry to ask this, but am I allowed to be myself here?”

These words were almost whispered to a stranger today… ALMOST. I paused, I reflected and I took a deep breath. I reminded myself that being me is what creates beauty, peace and alignment from within. I don’t have to apologize for who I am.

“Hey, sorry to ask this, but am I allowed to be myself here?”

Today, I did not ask this question.
Today, I was even MORE of ME.
Today, I listened to my heart. Today, my intuition and discernment was at it’s strongest, it’s purest and my actions and words were at their truest and most authentic that they’ve been in a while.

Fully being me, the real, the natural, the quirky, extra smiley, flaws and all ME, was the most graceful release. It flowed so heavenly.

Today, I was me. Today, I didn’t ask for permission to be me.
Today, I was me. Today, I didnt worry if people would like me.
Today, I was me. Today, I was the answer to my own question.

Today, I gave myself permission to be me and to be all of me. Today, I was me on purpose.

YES, you can be yourself here! It’s okay if you’re weird, set apart and different – in fact- that’s even better. You is the YOU that the world needs!

YOU are a gift.
YOU are loved.
YOU are a bright light.
YOU are a masterpiece.

Always be YOU.

Today… today, I overcame my yesterday.
Today… today, I am stronger.
Today… today, was a good day.



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