Easier to Hide

I saw a flower pushing through a deep rooted place, coming out of darkness into the light, creating cracks in an already broken earth.

There was an elegant sound of beauty when the bud broke through, exposing itself from a quiet hidden place into the loud noise of this world. This flower didn’t know exactly where it would be planted, but that didn’t matter because it wasn’t about where, when, why, or how… it was about purpose. A protected purpose.

What does this flower say about you and I?
Well, we are one of the same.

We break, we push through, and we grow. We illuminate beauty in this endless process.
A process of God picking you.
God picked YOU.

Where we see a painful process, God see’s promises and purpose.
Where we see seeds of darkness, God see’s seeds of growth.
Our brokenness will be God’s break through of beauty, hope, love and light.

A thought:
This flower could have hid, staying in that quiet and dark place as just a seed, but if it did, then you and I would never see it’s beauty, it’s inspiration, it’s purpose.

What does this flower say about you and I?
Again, we are one of the same.

It would be easier to hide, but we have a bigger purpose than what we see ourselves.
No one may know of our darkness, struggle, and the battle we face to push through…
but many will know of our light.
Many will be inspired by our hope.

So bloom and keep growing.

My last thought is this…
a flower can’t see all the beauty it radiates,
the inspiration it creates,
the hope it renews,
all the smiles and joy it brings,
and the breath fresh air it provides for all who are blessed to experience it’s wonder and bliss.

Again, just a thought… but could it be that you too can’t see all that you radiate in this world?

written with love by: Kristan Ann



  1. Dear Kristan Ann ;
    How true the words you wrote . Amazing and wonderfully written.
    To paraphrase a poem I wrote years ago .. “ A seed feel upon the virgin earth
    Awaiting patiently it’s sanguine birth
    A bud appeared and abided to be free
    To one day display it’s beauty for all to see “ … .Thank God for you !’


  2. You’re a really talented writer, Kristan Ann! Not many people have the gift of effectively communicating their thoughts into written words. So sorry for all you’ve had to go through. You’re a refreshing light in this world! Really wishing you all the best on this journey! Have you ever thought about publishing a book?


    1. awwww You are so sweet! It was God’s way of turning my pain into a form of art and also a woman by the name of Ally Fallon helped me realize I could write to heal! I am hoping to publish one 🙂 🙂 Thank you for your sweet words!!


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