To our Military


Growing up in a military home, I have seen every risk and every sacrifice it takes to serve in the military. I can’t express the amount of appreciation I have in my heart for all who serve and their families, but I thank them for all they put on that front line. Having the opportunity to bring them a piece of home, reminding them that they are not forgotten and that they are kept in my prayers meant everything to me. Findind joy in all things, is a blessing from above.


For the past three years my view of the superbowl has been alongside our courageous men and women in the military.

In the darkest hour of the morning, seeing their faces light up to watch a sport they love is a memory that will never grow far from me.

For them, it was a reminder of community, family and friends.
It was something to look forward to.
… It was hope.
It gave them an opportunity to think upon that of which is good… home.

Within those few hours of distraction, I was there… just embracing all their smiles while my heart was overflowing.
I would just sit in awe of them.
To some, all they see is a uniform.
For me, I see hearts.
I see sacrifice.
I see families back home.
I see love.
I see the thankful breath they breathe because of what their eyes can never unsee.
I thought about how selfless and brave they are.
I thought, “how can I be so blessed to be in BFE (literally) sharing laughs with them.”
How incredibly special it was for me to see them with an uplifted spirit and smiles of joy that would hold them until tomorrow.

You wouldn’t be human if who they are didn’t move you.
… It moves me.
It moves me from deep within.
Shoveling and rearranging priorities in this precious life.
Forcing me to remember all that’s truly important and holds value.
It moves me outwardly too.
It intertwines my heart and eyes to become connected and aligned, in the form of tears.
And for that…
I won’t hide.
I won’t look away.
I won’t be ashamed.
I wont be ashamed of crying tears of love and gratefulness.
I won’t be ashamed of crying tears of compassion and empathy.
I won’t be ashamed of crying tears over new friendships that were then quickly gone.
I won’t be ashamed of crying tears before the eyes of those who I look to as heroes.
I won’t be ashamed for all the tears I’ve cried out to God praying for our military.

I value those who I have met, yet to meet and hold close all the friends I have made over these years. You are remembered and always loved!

These past three years hold the upmost honor and gratitude. Places will never matter to me, but leaving an impact does.

To our military, home or away, I love you and even though you never signed up for a thank you…. I humbly thank you with all of my heart.❤️ 

God Bless You!


With love and prayers, Kristan Ann 🙂

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  1. We must respect those who serve in the military to protect our freedoms. . My father was in the military for 20 yrs ( navy retired ) and sacrificed a lot for his country during his service . He did not even see me until I was 8 months after I was born due to an extended cruise . For the men and women in the armed services I salute you and say thanks for your duty in defending our country as does this wonderful woman Kristan Ann Ware !!!
    David Brownell


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