God Above All

She couldn’t give up.
She had to keep trusting…
She had to keep trusting God through a painful pivotal process.
Even during fearful circumstances, even during the suffication of confusion, even during the strangulation of anxiety, even during the catastrophe of drowning in her own tears…
she had to pause.
She had to pause during a time when her humanness went into panic mode, and with a resisted voice she whispered…
“okay God, I trust you.”

She didn’t have much.
She had nothing really, well…
Well, nothing but pain anyway.
Nothing but pain to give to the God of the universe, yet with a humbled prayer, she offered all she had left.
She put all that was left of her into the hands of God, and day by day faithfully repeated…
“Okay God, I trust you.”
She mindfully and wholeheartedly decided that even if nothing came of her full surrenderance, that God was still worthy of her praise, that His name was still Holy, and that she would grow her love for Him above all.

It didn’t happen overnight, not even in a few months, but eventually…
Eventually there it was…
An invasion of faith.
An invasion of faith, stripping her of the worldly strongholds that once chained her down and clothed her.
Reminding her that God turns hopelessness into a purpose, doubt into revelations, pain into forms of art, fearful circumstances into a blissful peace… and that He was in control.

Being stripped of everything was debilitating, but it abled God to then clothe her with His love, courage, strength, humility and dignity.

It took trust without limitations.
It took transparent honesty.
It took daily deliverance without resistance.
It took love without borders.
It took vulnerable exposure…
but faith…
Faith is a resilient boldness… an excellence. Faith is brilliant and remarkable while remaining quite hidden, yet the one who has it, feels it’s power at a depth that is untouched and unseen. Faith overrides all human logical reasoning and it’s not even close to being flawless, yet still somehow perfect.
Still somehow perfect as it grows, as it grows in Christ’s perfect love… while she repeats over and over again, “okay God, I trust you.”

“Okay God, I trust you.”

“Okay God, I trust you.”


I may not know what’s to come, but I know the overcomer… Jesus Christ.🙏🏻

-Kristan Ann


  1. Awesome! The poem is, tender, revealing and encouraging, expressing that throuh all the pain and darkness that we face, God is there sustaining us with His love..😁


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