Follow Your Joy

“Yes… yes, just keep going.”

Lately, the process of growth and healing have been confusing and difficult.
It’s as if some inner part of me has been awakened and demanding changes, new dreams and bold moves that I yet know how to provide. I am being asked to take back my life and having to learn how to give myself the life, love and peace you and I are worthy of.

Recently for me, it’s boundaries.

For most of my life, I suppose people had silent permission to treat me however they felt. Why, you ask?
Well, because I was afraid.
I feared speaking up because as a Christian woman I was taught to be a gentle spirit, one who is “nice” and loving. So I overcompensated wanting to be “good” and took on an identity of a doormat. So I went through life politely smiling in disturbed silence.

These days, with what’s being asked of me, it seems as though everywhere I turn are conflicts or hella amounts of noise about who people think I am and honestly, it scares me.
Yet, as uncomfortable as it is, as many tears as it’s drained from my eyes something inside of me is saying,
“yes… yes, just keep going.”

You see, when you begin to wake up to the calling over your life, you will be asked to move, to speak, to stand taller than usual, to even cry more than usual and feel your pain more than you ever wanted to feel because healing is about facing what you use to run from and growth is about showing up when you’d rather dim your light, play small and hide.

People will fight this growth within you because for so long you were serving them by remaining in the shadows.
You will have the most uncomfortable conversations and you’ll feel unsteady and question yourself a lot because you are now standing in an unfamiliar place. Don’t give up though.

This place…
This place called your home, has missed you, it’s called to you a thousand times and more, it’s never stopped loving you and now…now it’s demanding you to wake up.

This journey of faith, self love, growth and healing is difficult, but don’t run. Remain in your light, keep showing up and follow your joy.

Yes, it’s terrifying.
Yes, you’re doing a good job.
Yes, you’re growing.
“Yes… yes, just keep going.”

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