God’s Perfect Timing

What God was asking me to do, didn’t make logical sense. So I tried it my way, and became exhausted… young, but so very exhausted.

Exhausted from…
Oh, how it controlled me.
Forcing me into silence, as it began to take root.
Oh, how it cornered me.
Caging me, trapping me with scolding orders.
Oh, how my knees shook as my voice trembled with doubt.
Doubting how God could ever find purpose in this pain…. this tormenting pain.

My spirit was crushed as I was presented with a choice that prepared me for where I am today.
It was a choice to be silenced and liked, or speak of truth and be faced with trials.
I chose truth.
I chose to say “yes” to Jesus.
I chose to follow the one who goes before me.

I will always choose Jesus even if that means opposition, even if that means tough corrections, even if that means facing the darkest valley because…
Because I know through the testing of my faith, I grow in Christ who shines with joy.

I am GRATEFUL for the fear, for it taught me that I could only serve one master.
I am GRATEFUL for the intimidation, for it knocked me down to my knees to pray and seek truth.
I am GRATEFUL for the confusion, for it taught me how to trust that everything is in the hands of God.
I am GRATEFUL for being misunderstood, for I understood Christ even more.
I am GRATEFUL for being rejected, for it protected God’s plan.
I am GRATEFUL for the pain, for it positioned me to go through a process. A process that allowed God to turn my pain into a form of art… into a purpose.

If it wasn’t for the darkness I would have never felt the warmth of such a light that revived my life.
If I had it all together and was perfect, I wouldn’t know of Gods grace, forgiveness and perfect love.
I am proud of my weaknesses for they make me need God all the more.
I pray people see more of Him and less of me.
I pray people see less of a story about me and more of God’s glory.

Sometimes what God asks us to do doesn’t make logical sense, but know this… God will work everything out for the good of those who believe and trust in Him.

His way is better and His timing is perfect.❤

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