Grace before Justice

I not only saw who I really was,
but I saw a glimpse of the woman I could become
and once I remembered whose I was…
…It changed the game.

It changed the game so drastically… so drastically, that I completely walked away. I was no longer comfortable with playing by the rules of someone else’s game, by even playing a part in any game.
I didn’t want to live my life like a game… always thinking about my next move or being filled with anxiety trying to come up with strategies to get myself ahead, to get myself… to win.

I forfeit.

Fighting is not really my thing, but I will always fight for others and stand up for truth no matter the risk of my own reputation.

What I’m doing is important and what I’m speaking up about is even more important.
BUT it’s Grace before justice in my book.
It’s grace before justice because without grace my fight is lacking love and love is what I hope spreads like a wildfire. My heart is in a position of love and I pray my words and actions will align and follow suit. I refuse to fight without putting grace first.

So here’s to no longer living by a contract, to no longer keeping score and to no longer competing.
Here’s to overcoming adversity with a soft heart and a strong spirit.
Here’s to humbling myself, to knowing I can’t do work for the Kingdom alone and for realizing I have so much to learn and so much room to grow.
Here’s to me living out my truth and my story in a bold, free, heartfelt and honest way.
Here’s to…
Here’s to exchanging fickle faith with faithful faith.
Here’s to breaking out of silence.
Here’s to the game changing.
Here’s to…
Here’s to grace winning!

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