Just Keep Going

Yes you.
You’ve been so hard on yourself lately and honestly…
Honestly, so have I.
Take a moment to sit down and just be in awe of your life.
For just a moment, be still, release the expectations, quiet the noise and take a look.
Take a look…
at the heartbreak that wisened you.
at the mistakes that guided you.
at the brokenness that illuminated you.
at the loneliness that restored you.
at the rejection that protected you.
at the unknown that braved you.
at the trials that strengthened you.
at the chaos that unraveled you.
at the abuse that toughened you.
at the grief that softened you.
at the suffering that deepened you.
at the false accusations that blessed you.
at the silent seasons that humbled you.
at the waiting seasons that renewed you.
at the pain that beautified you.

You see…
You see, despite everything, you are still here.
Despite everything…
Despite everything you’ve been through…
You still grow.
Despite everything…
You are still becoming.
Sometimes you are even unbecoming… unbecoming everything you’re not, to become who you really are, who God created you to be.
Despite everything…
You are breathing.
You are healing.
You are recovering.
You are growing.
You are…
You are love.

LOVE who you are in this moment of marveling at your life.
LOVE who you are because you matter here.
YOU matter here.
There is beauty here.
There is forgiveness here.
There is truth here.
There is faith here.
There is safety here.
There is warmth here.
There is hope here.
There is purpose here.
There is a story here, bigger than you and above all…
Above all…
There is love here.
So despite anything you dare to become…
Become LOVE.
Become LOVE above all else.

So those days when you’re being hard on yourself, those days when people say you look tired because of those sleepless nights full of tears that no one see’s, those internal battles fighting for answers, those endless prayers and those leaps of faith… I want you to know that God see’s you, God hears you, God knows what you’re going through and even though you may not feel it right now, it’s all empowering you.
Yes you, YOU are loved.
Keep going, don’t give up.💙

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