Make it Real

There I was…above all the noise, in awe of this beautiful sunset and that’s when it hit me. It really hit me and my eyes became like a barricade, surrounded by a huge body of water trying to block the flood, the kind of flood that eventually makes you wake up to the damage you tried to run from.
But there was no running this time when I realized…
…I can’t make it all beautiful.
Not everything in life is as beautiful as this sunset.

In moments of losing a loved one, the turned back of abandonment, the betrayal of a friend, a shattered dream that makes you feel lost, a mistake that haunts you, or a broken heart masked with a pretend smile and the rehearsed words of “I’m fine.”
These moments…feel anything, anything but beautiful.

I don’t want to be just a positive poly pocket kind of person where my capacity to have empathy is too small and my heart is too intimidated to feel something of depth.
Having a silver lining perspective is not a bad thing, but disregarding someone’s feelings and deflecting them with “be happy” or “get over it” doesn’t magically make the pain go away either. There’s a balance and healing is a process.

When someone opens up, consider it the highest honor because trust is earned. Allow them the gift of humanness and vulnerability to boldly feel it without fearfully running. Create for them a safe space to be heard and seen without judgement while giving them a graceful and beautiful landing…just like the golden warmth of a sunset.

For you…maybe today isn’t beautiful, you’re in such an intense storm that even your fullest moon, your night light, is hidden by dark clouds. I want to encourage you that new skies are coming.
You see, the sun is never lost, just momentarily, yet SO perfectly hidden. There is meaning, wisdom, a newfound faith and purpose during the darkest nights but never fear, the sun will rise again.

For today though, or however many tears it takes…I am here and I know a God who makes all things beautiful in His perfect timing. You are not lost nor damaged, YOU are insured by a God who loves you.

Be present with someone today…and don’t worry about making it beautiful, just make it real.
Pass on love❤️

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