On The Edge

You’ve played the role, acted the part
and have been overwhelmed trying to please everyone else and now…
Now, you’ve somehow ended up in this unexpected moment.

On a bridge.
On the edge.
Gripping as tight as you can while you are face to face with the most terrifying fall.
Not knowing where you’ll land… if you’ll even survive and you’re holding on for dear life, yet, at the same time, wanting to just let go.
Wanting to just be free from it all.
You’re exhausted and filled with so many loud questions that, to make matters more draining, not a single person can answer except… except yourself.
Yourself, someone who has become distant… who seems, gone.

This moment is the breaking point.
When it all comes crashing down.
When you see nothing but pieces and parts of how things use to be… of who you use to be.

This kind of brokenness…
The kind that triggers deadly waterfalls from your eyes questioning your worth, the kind that triggers deadly earthquakes from your core questioning your identity, the kind that triggers deadly thunder from your beating heart questioning your faith, the kind that leaves you in a pit of despair.

When the white flag relentlessly waves in the midst of the dark sky. When the walls fall down and expectations vanish. When you break the spell of thinking you have to hold it all together and finally allow your heart to feel what it feels. Doing away with the highlight reel and finally seeing something you’ve been craving for so long, something real.
Surrendering to being seen, forgiven, and loved.
Surrendering to the unveiling of your true, beautifully broken, raw beauty.

This moment is gold.

No hiding, just facing.
Finally seeing yourself through the eyes of no one else.
Finally hearing your story through the voice of no one else.
Finally holding the space through the permission of no one else.

This is a moment of truth… to see how you are undeniably, unmistakably and so utterly worthy of so much damn love.
Bound by no limits to give yourself unlimited amounts of love.
You were, you are and you will be exactly where you are meant to be.

I see the real you.
I see your light shinning through.
You are… you are home.

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