He chooses me

I believe…
I believe Jesus Christ is the son of God.
I believe in John 3:16.
I believe…
And this faith, gives me so much hope and so much joy deep in my soul.

He may not answer every prayer in my timing, silence every negative opinion about me, rescue me from every circumstance or waves of rough waters, but is more of a lighthouse… a pillar, that helps guide me home much softer, wiser and free from all the ways He’s loving me and teaching me.

I believe…
I believe His plans are greater.
I believe He protects me along the way.
I believe He loves me… not because of who I am or what I’ve done, not because of anything I will do or won’t do and definitely not because I am good… but because of who He is and how good He is and how merciful He is.

HE is much greater than I, so much so, that I can’t screw it up… because He chooses to remain.
He chooses to use my sins, my darkness and my greatest trials to glorify Him.
He doesn’t need me, but chooses me anyway because of how much He knows that I need Him.
He chooses me.
This, I believe…
… and believing this doesn’t make life easy… it just gives me a way home.

If you’re in need of comfort, of hope, of love and of a light to guide you home…
I know a guy and He’s closer than it may feel.
Come home…
Come home… His arms are open wide.
Come home…



  1. Good morning Kristanann. I was searching for blog posts about prayer and your site appeared before me.

    I am your sister in Messiah Jesus.

    What you’ve written here expresses your heart of devotion. I believe that seeing you testify as you have has pleased our Father.

    Continue to guard your precious heart for Him and seek a multiplicity of ways to glorify Him through the coming hours, day, weeks, months and years of your life until your departure from this earth.

    In a moment in eternity future you and I will worship Him together forever and ever and ever. This gladdens my heart, sister.

    With you I love Him with all my heart.


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