Overcame the world

Madison Prewett got told that if she was really a Christian and saving herself for marriage then she should have never gone on the Bachelor and fell in love with a man who had sex with other women. She also got told she was “controlling” and “too religious.”

I got told that if I was really a Christian and saving myself for marriage then I should have never been a NFL cheerleader and there’s no way I am a child of God because that makes me dirty. I also got told I was a “good goody” and “too religious.”

Tim Tebow got told that if he was really a Christian and saving himself for marriage then he should leave the NFL and stop trying to be better than everyone else. He was also judged for being “too religious.”

A girl who has sex before marriage gets told she’s a whore.

A man who has sex before marriage gets told he’s popular.

(And vise versa)

No winner in this world… but that’s why God overcame the world.

…God sends His children anywhere and everywhere because He is powerful enough to use anything and anyone. The more places He sends them, the more of a reach the light can have in darkness. The more different people He uses from all walks of life, the more a lost life can see and find hope.

Is any human perfect, no.
Being a Christ follower doesn’t make us any less human… we aren’t perfect. Those who choose to save themselves for marriage aren’t perfect nor better than ones who didn’t choose to. God never asked for actors or robots.

It’s not about following religion, it’s about staying true to our commitment and the convictions we made in our personal relationship with God, even when the world takes something we chose to do in our personal life so personally.

Jesus never promised an easy life without heartbreak, He just promised to hold our heart when it did break, because it will… just like His broke when He was betrayed …AND He, He was actually perfect!

Just a reminder that no one on this earth has the power to decide whose past, present, future or even sex life qualifies or disqualifies them from The God Almighty.
His grace is sufficient and nothing we do or don’t do, have done or haven’t done can separate us from His love.

I miss the times when guys were jumping fences to pursue one girl instead of jumping into the bedrooms of every girl.
I long for the days when a woman with values and Christ-like standards are seen as her personal relationship with God and something to be admired and protected instead of being judged or thought of as “controlling,” a “goody goody” or “too religious.”
Maybe one day I’ll get a rose that will never die, or better yet, a patient, Godly heart of a man who will never leave… someone who truly loves God more than he loves me.
… I’ll remain blooming in pursuit of God’s heart until then.

Keep spreading love.
Keep being brave in your faith.
You are not what they say you are… God is greater!

If you feel misunderstood or alone, God see’s you, hears you, and loves you… look up, He knows.❤️

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
A woman with Christ-like standards shouldn’t be judged, she should be valued.



  1. Hi, I saw your video on youtube where you talk with Shady about being discriminated because of your beliefs and being intrigued to find out more – stumbled upon your website and found this (among others) message inspiring.
    Just wanting to leave a message which I believe you already know but hope it gives you strength when reiterated: I have said these things to you, that IN ME you may have peace. In the world YOU WILL have tribulation. But take heart; I HAVE overcome the world (John 16:33).
    Three absolutes here which no sincere Christian can escape nor should overlook. Jesus overcame the world and the tribulation. There is no escaping tribulation for us either and there is none other than in Jesus where we can find peace.
    A follower
    Finds peace in overcomer.
    Peace in Him

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