Petra in Jordan



This is me at Petra in Jordan.
In this place there are no laws against cruelty of animals. These animals are forced to hold beyond their capable weight, walk on unsteady pavement and when their legs shake from not being able to walk anymore, they are beaten, whipped and food is withheld.

I could hardly breathe, my heart felt like it physical broke and I became ill deep in my bones.

Through this, I discovered that the hardest place for me to be is not in darkness, but rather in a darkness where there is no light and no sound to make.
There was nothing I could do to help them. And to see people still giving money to these men just for a ride raged my soul with anger to be honest.
I wanted to feed them.
I wanted to take the abuse instead.
I wanted to fight the men off.
(I’m taking deep breaths currently)
..I was powerless..
The only thing I could do was choose not to ride them myself and pray.

While I uncontrollably started to cry, a man who I want to believe had good intentions, tried to change my perspective. He said “well, look at our people, America bombed our neighborhoods and by the time I got to my fiancée’s house she was already dead.”
(Speechless, and then I felt worse).

💔 There is suffering everywhere in this world and sadly, the war is here to stay. I can’t convince them that abusing women and animals is wrong and they can’t convince me that it’s right.
(Obviously there are more political issues and I’m not even pretending to know it all, because I don’t).

I just wanted to write this because I wouldn’t feel right posting all my smiling pictures on the mountains without bringing awareness to the valleys.

My heart is immensely saddened and we are all broken humans in this broken world just trying to protect our own, which is why I lean towards the Father. God is good, there is still good in this world and His promise still stands. I just can’t imagine a life without hope, without faith, without joy, without knowing that one day all suffering will come to an end.

Until then, may my heart always break for what breaks the heart of God, may I always remain sensitive to the spirit and spread compassion and love.

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