Socket and pull

This is the Lost City of One Thousand Pillars. Jesus walked by these very pillars on His way to Cana where he did His first miracle (water into wine) over 2,000 years ago.

While here, my tour guide asked me to push the pillar, this blew my mind.
I was confused and hesitated. I didn’t want to look stupid or fail the task. My focus was more on how big it was rather than being obedient. I then looked beyond the stone and became intimidated, I even took a step back.

You see, he didn’t say “look beyond first to see how big and impossible the task is,” all he said was “push.”
How many times has God asked us to move and we hesitated to look beyond what He asked of us?
We humans future trip, we like to know the whole story- the why, the how, the who, the when.

I later learned, these pillars are still standing today because of their foundation. It was built to act as a socket and pull, where the foundation takes the hit and vibrations from destructive whether like earthquakes giving way for movement and leaving the pillar itself to remain standing tall.

I began to think about being the tallest pillar and couldn’t imagine the anxiety of being able to see everything that’s coming, and then when destruction is near just looking down saying “okay foundation, I hope you got this.”😅
… But do you see?
We weren’t made or meant to see it all. God never designed us to have to look down, He designed us to look up. He designed us to trust Him even when we can’t see.
… This is faith!

God promises to protect us along the way because He knew He would ask us to move, He knew the ground would shake, He knew our hearts would break, He knew we needed a strong foundation to save us.. giving way like a socket and pull.

God is our pillar. He see’s the whole story. He’s the foundation holding our heart when it breaks, taking the hit and giving way when our ground shakes. He is how we can remain standing tall in the midst of destruction.

… but I know faith can’t be forced… faith can only be found, and if your skies are dark and the ground you’re standing on is shaking, I pray you find your foundation of faith and look up…
Look up…
Look up towards the Savior❤️



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