Only a Son

… but you don’t believe that.

In a cage held up to a flame.
The noise to your left says, “once something is lost, it can never be saved.”
The noise to your right is muffled, yet there’s thunderous trembling from secrete destroyers lurking.
Do you hear it?
Do you get tired of hearing it?
The rattling of the cage.
Is there something else you’re searching for?
A depth making you gasp for air?
A change you’re longing to see?
A freedom showing you there’s more?
You feel there’s more, just something more.

Jesus isn’t only a son, he’s more… but you don’t believe that.

The pain in your heart of glass is aching to be shattered and you don’t know why.
Aren’t you tired of trying to fill the void?
There’s a disapproving audience from the shadows that taunt you… I hope one day you realize shadows are only as big as you allow them to be.
You are more than this pain, there’s another in this flame, in this imprisonment but you don’t know it.

Jesus isn’t only a son, He’s more… but you don’t believe that.

While everyone else is running, while the secrete destroyers are hunting, while the vultures are aiming to devour, will you be running to hide too or falling… falling to your knees?

To you, is Jesus still only a son?
Are the pages turning yet?
Is the flame flickering yet?
Breathe. Seek. Dive. Gasp.
The cage is breaking.
The depth is beckoning.
Your red eyes seeing in the heart of darkness.
Hold fast.
What’s waiting around the corner senses you still do not trust, you feel haunted by unseen horror.
Hold fast.
Hold fast it’s time…
Hold fast it’s time to be brave.
Here you are, as you are…
Braving the piercing of darkness.
Braving the failing of your flesh.
Braving the shattering of your heart.
Braving the terrifying search for faith.
Braving the surrendering of your life to a son… but to you, Jesus isn’t only a son anymore, He’s more.
Even with all your brokenness you begin to believe He’s more, that there’s a plan, that He’s not finished with you yet. And after all this you realize, even the cage had a purpose… it was there for you to see what it looks like to be set free.
Jesus is more… He’s your hero, your savior… and you believe that.
… You believe with all your heart.


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