Created for More

The verse Acts 2:36 was read to me recently and the eyes of my heart were opened in a correcting, reckoning yet hopeful way.
It reads, “…know for certain that God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, to be both Lord and master.”
My heart immediately bled with conviction.
“BOTH Lord and master.”
…That part.

Eternal life is not all that He has for us.
You’d think the privilege of eternal life would be enough for God to gift us and even still His grace, His love, His compassion, the freedom He has for us extends beyond what we can fathom.
Jesus is my Lord, my Savior… I said the prayer, I invited Him into my heart, I did the “things.”
But when this verse was spoken to me… the exposure within my heart was undeniable.
I wasn’t all in on trusting Him or even allowing him to be the master of every area in my life. I saw the parts within my heart where I was still relentlessly fighting for control, as if my stubborn selfish fight stood a chance against God.
…it didn’t.
The walls of my heart were guarded by a perfected persona of perfection and the fear… the fear trembled in the presence of this conviction.

So today, I pray for you and for me. I pray the Holy Spirit will find us faithfully in the transparency of brokenness. I pray we open our heart as wide as the east is from the west. That whatever has got us rattled and shaken within, trembles at the piercing of conviction for God’s glory. That we may not cower in shame when correction knocks, that instead we bleed for more.
…More convictions, more discipline, more challenging character purging, more God opportunities that require boldness and courage. That we welcome being changed, being moved, being made anew… molded like clay into more of the reflection of Jesus. May we be available enough so He can come have His way.
We are created for this very thing… for more. You, me, her, him, them, all of us… we are created for more. May the Lord expose the areas of fear and flesh we are still trying to control.

Is Jesus your savior and master? Or like me… have you faulted to eternal life being enough? Though this life is but a dot in the lens of eternity, what you do while you have a voice matters and makes a difference. It’s up to you to choose what difference you want to make and what impact you want to leave. What ares are blocking you from being used for more?

Whatever it may be, I challenge you not to run from fear. Remain… remain because I believe fear gives us the honor and the gift to choose faith, to choose truth, to choose Jesus over everything again and again.
Being fearless is not about FEELING fear less, but about actively CHOOSING faith more.
YOU are strong enough to hold space for what you are feeling without becoming it.
Become love.
Become light.
Become faith.
Become hope.
Become humble.
Become a warrior.
Become devoted to prayer and fellowship.
Become all that God has for you but don’t you dare become your negative fleeting feelings, opinions of others or the lies of the enemy.
Let’s be brave enough to ask the holy spirit to expose our areas of fear and allow Him to become not just our savior, but the master of all the areas we try to hide.

Cheering for more, cheering for you and cheering for God’s glory to shine through.
This is your brave journey.
Don’t give up… not today.

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